Friday, December 22, 2006

Wedding Pictures!!

Well, I thought you all would like a link to all of the wedding pictures from the photographer. Let me first warn you that we are talking about A LOT of pictures here. This is every picture he took, and they really are not in any order. Our album is way better, so next time you are over you should look at it! Anyways, I know all of the old of town people would still like to see the pics, so HERE you go! If there are any you just must have you can order from this pages too!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Congratulations are in Order!!

Well, we have a couple of ZPO girls that have had some really great stuff going on and need a pat on the back!

First is our Candice (oh, Candice you might be wondering where I found this picture of you...Facebook my friend. There were others...I will find time to use them later!) Candice got straight A's her very first semester of Grad school! You are amazing and we are all really proud of how hard you have worked! Enjoy your break!

Secondly, our junior member Morgan, who plays for her schools basketball team, won the city championship! How exciting!! They got to cut down the net and everything. Morgan, we so wish we could have all been there to cheer you on! We are so proud of our little athlete!

***edit***Thanks Liz! She pointed out that I forgot to mention that Morgan (as a SEVENTH GRADER!!!) was contacted by the Dunbar basketball team to come and try out! Way to go Morgan!!***

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Merry Christmas ZPO!!

Well, the holidays are coming fast, so last weekend we had our annual Christmas party! We decided that rather than have a ZPO Christmas and a friend Christmas, we could just combine the two and have a huge party with a wonderful Christmas dinner and awesome presents!

Charing and Scott were so nice and said that they would host the party at their house. We all love it there and there is so much room. You all are the best! Anyways, we all made food and Charing and Scott set up a huge table (or set of tables) for all 15 people (plus the five kids!) in their living room. This did mean moving the couch and chairs into the kitchen, but that worked out wonderfully! We all had comfortable places to sit all night.

We had tons of great food. Charing made a turkey, dressing and gravy and we all brought the good old Christmas side dishes and deserts...Including Boo's delicious hamburger pie!(okay, it was really heavenly apple pie that for some reason looked to everyone like it had hamburger on top rather that the cinnamon sugar topping that it really was) Everything was great!

Candice had a great idea to change up the drawing of names so that all the girls drew guy names and all the guys drew girls names. It was so great! It made the gift exchange so much fun. Everyone really did great and we all got great gifts!

After the dinner, the presents and the deserts, the party really got started. In order to get into the holiday spirit there were quite a few shots taken. The pictures really don't show much of this (or about half the people in attendance for some reason) but it was really so much fun! was basically the best Christmas party ever!

Carter says we can come back and party at his house any time!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome to the Family!!

Well, the Kelseys went to New York for the week of Thanksgiving...and they came home with a new family member! Meet Chach, their new cocka-poo that they got from Charing's godmother. She is so sweet! Ebony almost likes her and Carter LOVES her!

Speaking of Carter...he is officially walking!! You of course cannot catch him on video because he will drop to the floor and start to crawl as soon as a camera comes out, but if you look away he walks right across the room! Amazing. Hopefully he will do it for all of us at the Christmas party on Saturday!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Double Birhtday!!!

What are the odds that two of our ZPO's would have the EXACT same birthday?? Well, it is true! Our wonderful girls Liz and Rhi both have birthdays today! We celebrated at the last ZPO meeting because Boo and I were both out of town this weekend, but we love you all so much and hope you had a perfect day! Happy birthday girls!!