Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sorry for the Disappearing Act!!

Sorry guys! I know I have really left everyone hanging with the last Vegas post (which this is not, by the way) but I have just been out of control lately. We are finally back home from the hot water heater disaster and wedding invitations are in full swing. I had no idea it took this long to address invitations! I am working on the Vegas my head...and I will get it posted as soon as I possibly can. I just wanted to let everyone know that it has not been forgotten!

On a very exciting note, Charing and Boo are throwing Nick and I a couples shower this Saturday! I am so excited about it! They are both so busy and it is so wonderful of them to do this for us. It is going to be so great. I can't wait until Saturday!!

I am clearly behind on my posting because I also ment to wish Candice a safe trip to Florida and what not...but she will be home tomorrow! We have really missed you and can't wait to see you Saturday!

Boo and Rhi are now officially back at school with students and everything! Rhi is now teaching second grade...a huge change from forth! We know you will be great! I am sure you all will both have wonderful kids and have a wonderful year! Okay...That's it for now...just a quick catch up post before I run off to take Nick to work....oh yea, or truck has died. Great.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Have a Great Trip!!

The Kelsey family (minus Little Scott who decided to stay home with Marty) packed up the car and headed home to New York for the week! I know you will have a wonderful time. We will miss you!

On a totally different note, Nick and I are now registered! It was really fun, but much harder than I thought and we really will most likely have to go back to Bed Bath and Beyond to add a few more things... We already went to Macy's twice because after an entire evening with Nick and I working on it, we really thought we were done(and that we had done a GREAT job!!)....until we printed it out and there were only twenty-five items on it (and 10 of them were China)! Boo came back with us yesterday and showed us all the stuff we never knew we always needed! Hooray for Boo!

Speaking of Boo, she is finally in her classroom (they were painting the entire school and her room was last, so she is just now getting started putting it together) and is working day and night to get ready for the first day! We know it is crazy busy and we will all help however we can! Boo and Rhi will both be back at school in just a couple of weeks. The summer has flown by!!

That's it for now. I do have one more Vegas post coming your way, but Nick and I are currently living at my parents house (due to the hot water heater) and the pictures are all on my home computer. I will try to get it up on my lunch break tomorrow!

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Best Bachelorette Party EVER!!

With a title like that I am sure you are all expecting an amazing Part Two to this Vegas story...well, I am not going to disappoint you all! Saturday was official Bachelorette Party night. I will be getting to that shortly, but I am sure you are all dying to know what we did with our day as well!

Liz was up a little earlier than the rest of us because she made it into be before us. She spent the morning exploring the hotel and having another delicious omelet! She came back to the room around 9 am and was getting ready to head down to the pool. We all decided we had enough sleep and wanted to get out in the sun!

This part is a little fuzzy to me...I am sure we ate, but I can't remember it for the life of me! Anyways, we all got down to the pool layed out for a bit and realized it was a little cloudy. Who has ever heard of clouds in Vegas? Anyways, we realized with the shade it would be the perfect time to walk the strip!

We walked from NYNY down to the Bellagio and got to see the end of the amazing fountain show. I love it so much! We went into the Bellagio to take a look at the conservatory, which was very nice. We were happy it was indoors because by this time it was really getting hot!

When we were done we headed over to Ceasers Palace to have lunch at Chinoi's. The food was wonderful and we had a really great time! It was actually located in an amazing mall that we couldn't really afford to buy things at, but was really amazing to see!

After lunch we hopped on the monorail and headed back for our hotel. Some girls grabbed a quick nap, and the rest of us sat around talking and laughing in the other room. we eventually got up and got the ball rolling on night two!

We got taxi's over to the Paris hotel for dinner. Liz, Candice and I had a near death experience in our cab...really terrifying. Once we all arrived we headed up into the Eiffel Tower for dinner. The view was truly amazing! We all had a wonderful meal (well, Boo and Missy did after they worked through the problems with the definition of well done salmon!) Boo was so sweet and she bought my dinner. Thanks Boo!

After we were done eating, we made our way back downstairs and did some gambling and drinking. Nobody was very lucky at the Paris, but at least the gave us the drinks! Our first club was Risque which was in the Paris hotel, so after we lost some money we made our way over there. Yet again our night club passes paid off because we skipped the huge line and didn't have to pay the cover! Once we got inside, I decided it was time to break out the Bachelorette gear that Charing had gotten me. I was already wearing all white...clearly a sign of a bride, plus my shirt that boo got me said "sexy little bride" on it, but just to make it really clear, I added the veil and tiera, the sash that said "bride to be" and the shot glass around my neck that said "I'm tying the Knott, how about you buy me a shot". I have to say I pulled it off well! It actually was magic because once it was on we were given a free table and then the decided we could have all of our drinks for free until midnight! We had such a blast. Missy and Charing even picked up a new fashion style from a girl on the dance floor...who wants to mess with their purse...just hang it around your neck!

Once we were done with Risque we jumped into the taxi line. Liz wasn't feeling well and was heading back to the hotel and the rest of us were in heals and decided it was worth it to catch a take us across the street. Once we got to the Bellagio we headed for the club Light. It was amazing. There were so many people! They played great music and we danced and had a blast. The more we danced and drank the more Missy and Charing HAD to get onto the poll...of course they made it up there...but were eventually booted for the professional to get back up!

After Light we all needed a little break. We did some gambling in the Bellagio and I won some money on Wheel of Fortune! it wasn't that much $15...and I was yelling and so excited that the workers came over because they were sure I had hit a HUGE jackpot....just a little embarrassing! We were all a little tired(Missy even took a quick power nap at the slots...but then she was good to go!), but we knew it was way to early to stop on the big night (I have no memory of the time, by the way...)

The next bar we went to was Caramel. It was really relaxed and nice to have a couple of drinks at, but we needed to stay hype if we were going to stay up! While there we did manage to take over a table, drink several glasses of Vodka for free!! Once we were done with that it was time to head out to the next club!!

After Caramel we headed to Pure (an interesting side note, Kevin Federline just shot his new video in this club on Saturday...maybe we can see what it really looks like in there...) Okay, so we get into Pure, head to the bar, order drinks (Boo gets a water...a $7 water) and as we are paying a fight breaks out between these two guys. There are bouncers jumping in, madness and know how fights go. Anyways, Candice leans over to me and says "I have a bad feeling about this place". How can you have a bad feeling, I mean, sure there was a fight, but that stuff happens and this is the lightest bar in the world (white walls, black lights, interesting effect but everything is very visible) So we leave the bar and are walking in a single file line and Boo and then Missy make up the end. Out of nowhere this girl comes up and pushes Missy. Missy looks at her like "what was that for?" and the girl says "That's right Bitch, I pushed you!"...ummm...yea. Missy is shocked. A group of people come between them , and when they come back together Missy gives her a look that says "what's wrong with you" the girl starts yelling and cussing at Missy. Missy is really taken aback...I mean, why is this girl going crazy on her? Boo hears the commotion (Charing, Candice and I are to far away, have no idea anything is happening and keep walking) and she tells the girl to leave Missy alone. Right then Boo feels someone grab her arm...she of course assumes it is me coming to get them away from the psycho...but no...It is psychos friend and right as Boo turns she THROWS AN ENTIRE DRINK RIGHT IN HER FACE!!! That's right. So...what did Boo do? What any normal person would, she grabbed the girls hair and took her down to the floor! Missy is still standing there with the girl that started it all, so Missy throws her drink in that girls face! (tit for tat!!!) In the mean time, Boo has managed to get one good blow into the girls face, but they are mainly pulling hair and rolling around on the ground (I SWEAR this is all completely true and not even slightly exaggerated...clearly there is no need for embellishment!) Missy dives in to help out boo, but she falls out of she shoes, sails over top of Boo and the girl and belly flops onto the bar floor. This is about the time the Bouncers arrive and start pulling them apart.

As the bouncer runs past me, I realize something is happening and turn to see Boo and Missy held back by the bouncers, Missy going CRAZY trying to get to the girls yelling at them and what not...the girls are yelling back at Missy things such as "we will get you all as soon as you walk out of here!" Boo is soaking wet (as is psycho #1) and had mascara on her face...her shirt is ripped...not good at all.

At this point I realize not only is there another fight, but it is BOO AND MISSY that are in it. I am trying to get Candice and Charing, but Charing is trying to sneak into VIP while the bouncers are distracted. She just can't figure out why I wont come with her! I run over (in a veil mind you) and start going a little crazy. I am screaming at anybody who will listen that we just walked in here and these psycho's just ATTACKED my sisters...bla bla bla. Ends up that they escort the crazy girls to security...and escort us not only out of the club, but all the way out of the hotel! That's right, we were in a bar fight and were kicked out of Ceasers Palace. Shame.

You think our night is over...heck no! We walk over to the Bellagio to grab a cab back to NYNY(we didn't really want to sit around Ceasars Palace what with the threat they were going to jump us and everything). We get in a minivan taxi and Candice and I are in the back. We are all yelling and mad about the fight, but right as we go to get out, Candice looks down and says..." that MONEY??" She quickly hands it over to me(not wanting to be caught with hot cash or something...I have no problem pocketing it and jumping out of the cab. Like we are ever going to find who it really belonged to!) As soon as the taxi is gone Candice and I get the girls attention to let them know we just got really lucky in the back of the cab. We unroll the cash and there is $140! When you find money in Vegas, you have to gamble it! We went up to the pit boss and asked if he would open a $5 roulette table if we all played. He did (so cool of him!) we ordered some drinks and tried to win some money! Boo did pretty good, I did okay, but the rest of the girls lost their cash. Oh well, by this point is was 5am and we were starting to wear down a little (plus we were meeting our Aunts in the morning). Candice and I headed up to the room, but Boo, Missy and Charing went and got some breakfast first. Apparently there was some dancing involved at breakfast, but I wasn't there so that is a story you will have to get from one of them!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So, no...this is not the next Vegas post. I was actually sitting here at my computer working on said post (being very proud of myself for having accomplished about a million things on my to do list today) when I hear water...loud water. I think to myself it is most likely the washing machine filling on the rinse cycle because I was doing laundry and everything, but since I am home alone because Nick is at a work conference in West Virginia, I think it is best to check it out (make sure some crazy water killer isn't lurking around my laundry room....these are the things I imagine will get me in the night) SO, I walk into the laundry room and indeed the washer is refilling...but the sound seems so loud...and it isnt really coming from the washer at fact, it seems to be coming from the side the dryer is on. The dryer...and the HOT WATER HEATER. Thats right folks. My hot water heater just blew up, pouring about a million gallons of water per minute (or so it seemed) into my home...and NICK IS OUT OF TOWN!!!

What did I do you ask...well, I of course called my Daddy. He was not actually available to me because he is in Danville taking care of his Daddy, so he tells me to shut off my water (like I have any earthly idea how to do such a thing) then tells me to call a plumber. I call several after hour plumbers but they either don't answer their stupid after hour phones or they just don't want my business (mind you my laundry room is now full of water and it is running fast into my kitchen and I am all the way out of towels to throw on top of it). I finally get a hold of someone's secretary who says he is on a job but will call me later. I tell her I don't have time for later THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. She says (in a rather bitchy tone) "well sweetie, if it is an emergency you should just call the fire department"...what an idea! So, that's exactly what I did.

At 10:30 the fire truck rolls up to my house, three guys roll in, one reaches to the top of my hot water heater guessed it (or if you are me you are totally amazed that this is possible) turned the big blue knob on top and the water sound stops!! Hurray!! Now, here is where calling the fire department is about a trillion times better than a plumber (besides the obvious fact that I did not have to pay them!!!) They CLEANED UP THE MESS! Yes, I am here to tell you there is nobody better than the good old fire department. The asked for my water hose (which I was so happy to run and get for them...only to be TOTALLY HUMILIATED when I could not get the damn thing unscrewed and I had to go get one of them to help me...the shame) and they got their super powered Wet Vac and a squeegee Broom thing and they cleaned it right up. To be honest I think they felt a little sorry for me...but I don't care a bit. Fact is, my water is no longer pouring into my house and if I am lucky they got it all up in time for there to not even be any damage! Amazing...and that is why there is no new Vegas post tonight!