Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School and August ZPO

Well, it is that time of year again. Many of our ZPO's are now heading back into the classroom. Candice is now also joining the ranks of teachers in our group. Soon those of us not in the education profession will be out numbered! Girls, we hope your first week went great and that you have classes full of angels who's minds are open and ready to be filled to the brim with all that wonderful knowledge you have to offer!

We also had our August ZPO this past weekend. ZPO dates have kind of been blurred this summer because...well, honestly we have been doing so much stuff together! Not something to complain about at all, but it makes posting about our monthly meeting a little different. That and the fact that I cannot get my ass on the ball of keeping up with this site. Anyway, this weekend was the scheduled ZPO for August. Friday night me, Nick, Boo, Chris, Charing, Scott, Candice and Davis all went out to Atomic Cafe for drinks. We always enjoy their patio and all had a really great time!

Saturday morning Charing, Boo, Liz, Rhi and I all met for breakfast and catching up at Charings. Charing, thanks for putting up with us all...we know we might have been slightly overwhelming what with all of the drinking from the night before, but we all had a really great time! That afternoon Boo, Charing, Carter and I headed down to the Woodland Craft fair. They have such amazing damn good food! That night the Cooks, Kelseys and Cpreks all went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's then over to Marikka's for some drinks. We got to watch a very fascinating display on the volleyball court....oh the man who thought he needed his shirt unbuttoned...and then his jeans peg that was a real treat!

So you see what I mean, blurred lines. Either way, the ZPO girls are getting lots of time in together and we are all having a blast!