Monday, October 31, 2005

Just So You Don't Worry...

I have not forgotten the Halloween post!! I promise it is coming, but it will be a couple of days. I am a fool and forgot my digital camera. Now we have to do it the old fashion way and wait for my film to get developed. I promise the post will be up with all the glorious costume pictures (including best costume awards) by the end of the week.

On another note, although it is still October, our November meeting is just around the corner! If you all check your calendars you will see we have it penciled in for This Friday, November 4th. Does anyone have any idea's? I am going to a Bridal Fair that evening, but will be done and able to meet up by 8:30. I can either be late, or we can plan on that being our time to meet. Just let me know your idea's and we will decide what we are going to do in the next day or so!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Think I am in Love....

Last night Boo and I were lucky enough to get to spend the evening with Carter. Charing's Dad was having a surprise 70th Birthday party, and so clearly a babysitter was in need. Well, they got two, very over excited ones, but what are you going to do. When you have a baby this adorable and perfect, who wouldn't take about a million pictures?

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Marty. Here are some of the pics!

Here is Carter eating from a bottle...not a sight you will see often!
Boo feeding Carter
Carter basically as cute as a button
Carter giving us the one eye. He thinks he is sly, but we are on to him!!
This is what he looks like when you change his clothes without a passie
aaaahhhh...but now he is all better
Carter in deep thought....
So, clearly we enjoyed ourselves. We also had Charings niece Scarlet, but I am sad to say she slept the night away and we were not able to get pictures of her. We missed Liz, but are hoping she is feeling better. I also hope Rhi is having a blast at nascar!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Nick and I are Getting Married!!

Well, I would have to say that Nick did one heck of a job making my Golden Birthday memorable...he asked me to marry him. Yep, it's true. After six and a half years of dating Nick and I are going to tie the knot.

The entire thing was actually very sweet. We went out to a wonderful dinner at Spindletop. After dinner Nick said we needed to go to the mall to pick out a pair of earrings for my birthday. After purchasing a beautiful pair of diamond and amethyst hoops, we headed for home. I wanted to go ahead and put my earrings in, but he said I had to unwrap a gift for my Golden Birthday! He went into the office when we got home and wrapped it up. He then put a candle in a donut and sang Happy Birthday. When I opened my earring box, he had somehow managed to put an engagement ring in it without me knowing (tricky tricky...) He got down on his knee, told me how much he loved me and would I marry him. I, of course, burst into tears and said, we are now planning a wedding!

We are getting married on October 21st of next year. We have no idea what church we are using (guess we need to get on that) but we do know it will be an evening wedding and the reception will be at Spindletop. That is all we have for now.

I tried to take some pictures of my ring, but my camera just didn't have the zoom for it and the flash kept making the entire thing look like a large ball of light. Sorry. It is truly amazing! Nick had it designed, so it is one of a kind. very cool. I guess everyone will have to wait until they can see it in person!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my golden birthday!!!! Okay, so maybe everyone does not know it, but when your age and your birth date are the same, it is a golden birthday. So, as I am sure you have all figured out, I am 26 today. Very exciting. Anyways, I just thought a birthday shout out to myself was in order since I do most of the posting on the site. I have also included a picture of me with the very best birthday present ever...Ellie! She has been with us four years today....the love....I can hardly stand it....look at how beautiful she is!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Introducing Carter John Kelsey

Well, I am thinking the best place to start this very important post is from yesterday morning. As I begin, I will say that I know this post has a crazy amount of pictures, but I jut could not weed them down anymore!

Charing and Scott arrived at the Hospital at 7:30 am yesterday. We all assumed they would induce her right away, but that was not the case. They needed to have twenty minutes of the baby's heart beat before they could even get started. Due to Carter's constant movement, this took several hours. They finally started the labor medication around 10am. My mom was the first visitor around noon. She was able to set Scott up in a much more comfortable position before heading back to work. Mom's are so great!

At 2pm the doctors decided it was time to move this labor along, so they broke her water. MaryLiz was with Charing and Scott at this point. Unfortunately, Carter was still very high, so Charing was no longer able to get out of the bed due to the fear that the cord could drop. This led a couple of extremely uncomfortable hours where charing was sitting in a wet bed. Not the highlight of the birth! Boo and I arrived around 3:30, as did big Charing. We kept asking if they could change the bed, and they would say no because she could not stand up.

Well, around 4pm the contractions were constant and very painful. They came to check the baby and said he was indeed low enough for her to stand, but that she was still 3cm. They did change her bed as she stood, but there was just no getting comfortable. The long day was clearly draining her.

At 4:30, she decided to maybe get some medicine to take the edge off. When they came in with the smallest bottle of drugs ever, we all began to have some doubts about what edge it could possibly remove. At this point, Charing decided to screw all this pain and go for the epidural. In my opinion, although I know the decision was extremely difficult for her, it was the best thing she could have done.

After the epidural, she was able to relax, and her labor progressed extremely rapidly. Liz and Mariann joined us around 6pm, and by that time she was 8cm dilated. Charing was so much more comfortable and everything went great. At 7:4pm the nurse came in to check her, told all of us it was time to go. As we walked out, nurses were running in. They told us we had about 20-30 minutes before he was born. Oh, were they wrong. We went down to grab some food, and on the way we ran into Marty with the kids. Marty was on the phone with big Charing and told us he was already born!! When the nurses came in, the actually told charing they couldn't even put her legs up because the baby would just slide right out!

Carter was born at 7:10pm. He weighed in at 5lb 14oz and he is 19in long! He has light hair, and indeterminable eyes. He is so beautiful and we were all so happy to meet him. They let us keep him in the room for about thirty minutes before he was off to the nursery. At this point the starving charing (that's right...she hadn't had a bite to eat since 6pm the night before!!) was able to eat some pizza and drink a celebration margaritta!

At 8pm she was moved out of labor and delivery and into mother baby, where they were nice enough to give her the largest room because...well, lets face it, we were a posy by that time! Stacy and Kim dropped by to say high and bring in some wine. Boo and I headed out a little later, with a promise the baby would be back soon to keep Charing company.

So, now we really have our new baby boy. He is just perfect and we all love him so much. I know we all cannot wait to spend more time with him and get to see his little personality really come out. We are so proud of you Charing!! Here are some more pictures of everyone with sweet sweet baby Carter.

Charing and Carter a few minutes after he is born

Carter and his Ima

A great picture of Boo with little Carter when he is about 30 minutes old

Baby Carter right after he was born.

Zack very excited to see his new baby brother

Carter with his grandparents and big brother

A great picture of Liz, Carter and Boo

The entire family all together!!

The Kelsey Family at Spindletop

Here is a picture of the Kelsey's at the Spindletop Pumpkin Extravaganza. We tried to take an entire group picture after this, but the camera decided it was time to run out of batteries. Oh well. At least we got this one.

I am sure you all thought this post would be about the newest Kelsey, but I am really tired, so we will save that for tomorrow. I promise that I have lots of pictures and I will get them up as soon as I can. I will let you all know that Carter John Kelsey joined us at 7:10pm, and that he weighed 5lb 14 oz and was 16 in long. He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. that will have to do until tomorrow!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lots of new things coming today!!

So, yes, I realized that I promised a weekly poll and here it has been two weeks and I am just now getting to it, but...I have a good reason! Whit forgot the password, so I had to set up a new account! took about three seconds, but still....thats my story and I am sticking to it. Anyways, it is now up, and I will try to do better and have one every week! Make sure you vote!

Charing is still waiting for real labor. She has been at the hospital for nearly five hours now, but the medicine was slow to come, and so she is still waiting for it to kick in. I will have a full description of the days events in the morning. I have my camera with me to take to the hospital, so there should be the first pictures of baby Kelsey up with that post!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Not so extravagant after all....

Well, this was the weekend of the Spindletop Pumpkin Extravaganza, so needless to say we were all very excited. Candice, Boo, Chris, Rhi, Kyle, Griffin, me, Nick, Charing and her family all met at my house for the day of fun. Well....after we get there we all were a little disappointed. First off...where in the hell were all of the pumpkins?!?! Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that there were going to be pumpkins (it was in the news letter...I will show it to anyone who does not believe me!) at this pumpkin extravaganza. On top of that, there were about five craft booths, and they taxed you on the was not what we expected. To add insult to injury, we all got together for a group picture and the camera ran out of batteries! We did snap a picture of the Kelsey family before it went down, but I will have to get more in order to load the pic. As soon as that happens, it will be up here! So...the group high tailed it out of there and headed to a nice lunch at TGI Friday's that was made even better by the presence of Griffin and her faces!

For the record, the Kelsey baby is scheduled to join us (or at least begin the process of joining us) this Thursday at 7:30 in the morning. By the weekend we are going to have a baby boy!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Keeneland Breakfast Pictures

Here are some pics of everyone who came to McDOnalds for breakfast! Sarah, Candice and Boo
Liz and Rhi
Nick and Sarah

Boo's Big Win?

Here's Jennifer when her horse came in 2nd and she's excited about her big win!!!!

Here's Jennifer when she realizes her jockey got disqualified for cheating and she didn't win anything at all...:(

Ready or Not...

Well, ready or not baby Kelsey is on an official countdown. If he does not decide to come on his own in the next week, they doc's are inducing Charing next Thursday the 20th of October. (This happens to also be Ryan's birthday.) So, keep an eye here for any baby Kelsey updates!

This Saturday is the Spindletop Pumpkin Extravaganza! We will be meeting at my house at noon. Bring money for food and crafts. Dress for a hay ride, because I think that sounds fun, and if you have kids, bring them so they can ride a pony! Everyone is welcome to come with us and enjoy the day!

On a totally different note, here is a picture of baby Griffin. This is Rhiannon's cousin's little girl, and she is just to cute for words, so I thought she should make an appearance on the website! I cannot believe how much she looks like Kyle!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Day at the Races!!

Thanks to Missy's wonderful suggestion, the Zeta Phi Omega chapter had a wonderful day at Keenland on Saturday. We were worried it might rain, but thank goodness it held off and we had a very nice, cloudy fall day.

The day began with the chapter (minus Missy who met up with us at Keenland and Charing who was forced to work rather than enjoy a day of fun) met at Boo's, and then headed out to McDonald's for Breakfast. Nick spent the day with the chapter, and he quickly realized all the fun he had been missing by never attending a sorority meeting before! There are pictures from McDonald's, but I will need to get them from Candice before they can make it on the site. Once breakfast was done, we headed out to Keenland.

Missy met us once we arrived with her friends Mandy, Becky, Monica and Marcus. I wish I had been smart enough to snap a picture of them together, but I wasn't on the ball. Candice's friend Chris also met us there. He was very pleasant, but gave Rhiannon bad betting advice...she may never forgive him.

Once at Keenland we found benches, which was very exciting, and waited for the racing to begin. I am sad to report that nick and I bet on each race...a couple of times...and did not win a single one. Boo and I both bet on a cheating horse, who, had he not felt the need to cheat, would have won us some money. Boo did end up winning a huge pot of $6 on the last race, but the big winner of the day was Rhiannon. I have no idea how much she won...not enough to pay off the day, but still way more than the rest of us. If I am not mistaken, Candice bet on the first race, lost and decided gambling wasn't for her. Liz placed bets in her head...which worked out better because they didn't seem to win either.

Rhi made an important observation that if your dress is so tight we can see you belly button...then it is to tight! I made an observation that it is never okay to slide into a bench where a stranger is sitting, and get so close your legs are touching....what was she thinking?!?! It was a clear invasion of personal space.

Although we did not win money, the chapter did a lot of eating, drinking and laughing. The chili dogs were good, but I think the bloody mary's were better. We had a wonderful day, and it is definently a trip we will make again!!

The group holding down the benches

Nick at his first ZPO event!

Missy and Liz looking adorable

Boo, Sarah and Missy

Boo and Rhi

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The First Picture of Wes!

Here is the first picture of Liz and Cory's baby boy! This is amazing to me. I have never seen a 3-D ultrasound picture before, but look at the detail on his little face!! Liz, he looks so handsome! I know we all cannot wait to meet him in person in January!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The October meeting is here!

We have official plans for the October meeting of ZPO! We will be meeting Saturday, October 8th, at ten am for breakfast at McDonald's (fancy, we know!) and then we are off to a day at the races. That's right, bring some money because we are going to opening weekend at Keenland! Anyone who wants to skip breakfast can meet at Keenland around 11:30. Boy's are welcome to join in the fun! I will see you all Saturday!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chapter Picture from Last Halloween!

So, I know that this is a lot of pic's all at once, but I am sure the posts and the pic's will be more evenly distributed from now on. We are still doing a little catching up. At the same time, any pics saved on your computers, please send them to me and i will get them up!Thanks to Rhi for getting this great pic that i totally forgot we took!!

The chapter is so cute all dressed up!!!

Pictures from the Smores night!

Thanks to Rhi for getting these great pics from smores night! I think there may be more out there, so email them to me, and i will add them to this post.

Boo and Candice enjoying a smore!

Sarah Missy and Charing looking at missy's sprink break pic's

Boo and Liz hanging out on the floor