Thursday, May 25, 2006

So Exciting!

I got a raise! Thats right...little old me got a very nice raise. I am so excited. On top of getting more money (always GREAT) I basically had one of the best meetings with the new head guy of my company EVER! (a good thing since I was not sure if he hated me or not because in our last big group meeting when the actual owner and founder of the company flew in on his private jet to meet us and give us a welcome to the company cell rang....thats right....right there in the meeting...the theme song to Sex and the City blasting...everyone not able to get the damn phone out of my pocket jeans are just a little snug...HORROR!!!) But anyways, it clearly didn't matter because they love me and think I am tops! What a great feeling to be truly appreciated!

P.S. I promise to someday post of the May meeting...I am just a little behind and am trying to get ready to head to Wisconsin for the weekend! I will try to get it up before I go...but I make no guarantees!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well, it is now official...Candice is going to be a teacher! She has been admitted to the MIC program, which will give her a secondary education Masters in Mathematics in one year. AMAZING!!!! It will be a tough year, but in the end she will get to become what she has always wanted to be. Candice, we are so happy for you and proud of you! Good job!

Congratulations is also in order to Candice and Nick's step sister Victoria. She graduated from High School yesterday! How exciting. She is now off to Georgetown College! To bad Zeta Phi Omega isn't a national are just going to have to go with good old Kappa Delta like your sister and your soon to be sister in law!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fence Painting!

We have a post coming about our May ZPO, but I need to collect pictures from everyone before I get it up. If you have some, send them my way! I will try to get it done tomorrow! Since that post has to wait, I thought I would fill you in on what the Shepherd ZPO's did on Saturday...thats right, we painted a fence. Not just any fence mind you...a HUGE fence.

Our grandparents have a farm and their white fence that surrounds the house was in real need of some paint. Mom and Dad asked if we could help, so off we went. Mom made us adorable matching shirts just for the occasion! I will point out that for some reason my grandparents went with the four plank fence instead of the good old three plank....a real shame when you are painting both sides of 600 feet of fence.

My parents were great and provided tons of food and what not. We grilled out and all in all it was not that bad. The weather was perfect and the fence looks great! We were of course beat at the end of the day, but it is always great when you can help out your family!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wes's 1/2 Birthday!

Who says your birthday only come once a year?!?! Well...okay, so it usually does, but not in the case of Wes! If you think back to six months ago our Liz was very sick and our Wes came very very early. Because of that, and with it being winter and dangerous for him to be out much, not many people had had the chance to meet him and see how perfect he is. The obvious solution was to throw him a party!

Liz and Jan did a wonderful job putting together a care bear theemed birthday bash! All of the family and friends of both Liz and Jan got to come together and enjoy time with the sweet little man.

Most of the ZPO's, were there...when are we not up for a party?? Charing came with Morgan and Carter. Carter was a little tired at first, but he eventually realized he was missing all of the fun! Not to mention the cake....oh my yes...the boys LOVE cake! Eventually we wore Wes out, but I am sure he loved his a matter of fact, he is dreaming about his 1st birthday party already!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day ZPO!!

Happy Mothers day to all of the ZPO mamma's! Charing and Liz, we love you both so much! We also want to say Happy Mothers Day to all of the mamma's of the ZPO's! We are all so lucky to have such wonderful mom's and to be constantly supported and loved. The ZPO's all have such close families, and are all so close to the women that are always there for us. We know lots of you check in to the site. How lucky that in addition to our perfect mom's, we have aunts, not only in Lexington, but from New York to California, who are like mothers to us. Women who we could never live without. We just want to say thanks for always being there, and for making us such strong and loving women. We can now take all you have shown us and pass it down to our own children. Thanks for always being there Mom's!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Graduation Weekend

Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA for so long, know...I am really busy. To add to the delay, Insight has been down off and on for a few days. How am I expected to post without internet?!?!

Okay, now, to the point...our dear, sweet and clearly intelligent Candice Graduated from UK this weekend with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics! The weekend turned into a huge graduation extravaganza, which did have it's ups and downs, but overall was a huge success!

On Saturday we went to dinner at Red Lobster with the South Carolina family. All was well until the salads arrived. It was then that a waiter somehow managed to drop an entire pitcher of Coke on Candice. Of all the people to was the graduation girl. It was not good folks...not good at all. We are talking ringing coke out of your hair, white pants soaked kind of not good. So not good in fact, that Candice had to leave. It was terrible. Her and Lauren headed home to get dried off, chance clothes and regroup! Needless to say the rest of dinner was a little depressing.

Later that evening we met up at Redmon's for part two of the graduation festivities. Now, this was fun! There were lots of people and everyone had a blast! We left Redmon's around two, trying to forget that the actual graduation was at 8:30 in the morning!

That's right, party part three was at good old Rupp at 8:30. Me, Nick, Boo, Chris and Rhi managed to drag our butts out of bed and cheer her on as she walked across that stage!

The Party, Part Four (this is the final chapter) was at Candice's dad's house. Charing and Carter met up with us there. We had a great brunch and a great time. This is the only place I had a camera, so sorry! The rest will have to be imagined!

The entire weekend was great! Candice, all of the ZPO's are so proud of you! We know you worked really hard to get here. You will make a wonderful teacher!