Thursday, September 28, 2006

Remember Me???

Oh hello my wonderful internet family...Who happens to also pretty much be my real family and the family of my friends...Whatever...I have missed you all! I am sure you all have decided that I no longer exist, but this is not true! No, I have just fallen into the deep dark abyss that seems to accompany all brides. I must admit this post would not even be happening if I was not on a couple of Lortabs and home sick from work with my endometriosis. Seeing as how I really could not stand up straight, I decided to take the day.

There are so many things to tell you all...So much has happened...So many great posts have come and gone. The times that I usually would have run to my computer to send out a quick post now just goes by as a though..."Oh, that would be funny on the site...". I will try to catch a couple of them. I do promise that some day we will have a post up from the shower at Charings, Scott's 40th b-day and Charing and Boo's B-day never know, I might even get one up today. Especially since they wont have many pictures because Charings wicked evil computer has deleted all (ALLLLLLLL) of her precious pictures...EVEN FROM HER MEMORY CARD!!!! We do hold out a candle of faith that if people can find old sent emails from five years ago that are long since deleted from some evil criminal, that they can surely find some pictures for our wonderful Charing! If anyone has any ideas, please send them our way. Charing and I did already think of the recycling bin...but we aren't so great with computers so that was about all we got...except for Charing sitting at her computer desk yelling "WHY?!?!?!?"... Apparently it wouldn't tell her.

So anyways, beyond the wedding, we have had some other good reasons for no posts. Many of the ZPO's have been a little under the weather as of late. I mean, when Liz looks like this...

And Rhi looks like this...

You could say we have had some bad luck. Plus Boo and I BOTH came down with shingles...who ever even heard of two people getting this at the same time?!?!?! That's right. aren't these good reasons to not have new posts up?

Okay, enough wining. I will say the wedding is coming along really well. I am of course panicked and stressed, but really our timeline looks good. I am still collecting pictures for the photo montage and guest book, so if you all have any good ones, please pass them on to me ASAP!

Charing is off to Vermont today to help her sister and her family move into their new home. We hope you and Carter have a great trip. We will miss you! Thats it for now folks. I am off to take a nap. I really will try to post more later!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Boo!!!!

Really important people must be born in September!! Today is our dear sweet Boo's Birthday! Boo, you are the best big sister, cousin and friend any of us could ask for. We love you and hope you have a perfect birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sarah's Special Spindletop Shower!

Posted by Liz:)

On Saturday we threw Sarah's second wedding shower at Spindletop. It was really wonderful! We had a delicious lunch, played a really fun game and Sarah opened tons of fabulous presents!!
Jennifer and I met up a little early and went to get our bridesmaid dresses altered (quick & easy!). Then we headed over to meet my mom and Cici to set up for the shower. We arrived an hour before the shower (as to avoid any problems) and in about 15 minutes we were totally set up!!
The bride-to-be arrived right before most of the guests, which turned out nice because she was able to talk to everyone as they arrived. Our sorority's icon is the key, so Jennifer picked out a very classy key bottle opener for our guests to take home as their favors. Cici stayed up all night tying little red bows on each one, making them perfect.
All of the bridesmaids came to the shower, including one of Sarah's oldest and dearest friends, Nancy, who lives out of town.
Nana and Mamaw, Sarah grandmothers, were both able to come!
Here's the bride-to-be and the Mother of the bride.
Sarah's with her long time friend from back in her Coffee Times days, Laura, who is also a bridesmaid.
Candice, Mary, and Victoria with Sarah.
Jennifer and Nancy gabbing away.
The yummy lunch we enjoyed. A club sandwich and pasta salad. The dessert was to die for!!

Sarah playing the 20 Questions game about how well she knew Nick. She correctly matched 10 out of the 20 questions to Nick's responses, and we all had a good time watching her do it!! Very funny and cute!
Her fab gifts!

And I managed to catch a video of the big gift. She has been wanting one for several years now.
Check it out HERE.
We had such a great time, I am sorry I didn't manage to catch everyone who was there on film. The shower went great, thanks to everyone who helped make it possible! Congratulation to Sarah & Nick!!

Happy Birthday Charing!!!!

I may not be doing a great job keeping up with the postings these days...but I wouldn't miss a birthday! Happy Birthday Charing!! We all love you and hope you have the best birthday EVER!!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Last Days of Vegas...A Long Over Due Post!

Thanks right girls, here is the final Vegas post. I am thinking it will not be as detailed as the first two....seeing as how we have now been home over a month! Who cares, here we go...

Okay, so needless to say we were dragging a little on Sunday morning. I think we were all pretty sure we were going to die. Charing and I got up and went down to Starbucks to get some life saving coffee and bring it back for everyone. We all got ready and headed down to the lobby to meet my Aunts Carole and Cheryl. They live in California and drove in to spend a little time with us. How wonderful is that?!?! It is always so great to see them! They picked us up at NYNY and we headed over to Treasure Island. We had tickets to see the show Mystere and we figured we could grab some lunch, do some gambling and then head over to the show.

We ate lunch at some bar...started with a K....had famous margaritta's and a pretty cool water show. We all enjoyed it...this post may lack in some mind is a little foggy...After lunch we did a little gambling and Charing and Missy walked over to see the new hotel Wynn. They said it was really beautiful. We lost some money and then headed over for the show!

The show was really amazing. I will never understand how people are able to have so much control over they bodies and do those sorts of things...of course I am just about the clumsiest person in the world, so I don't think I am cut out for any form of circus...danger and death would soon follow!

After the show we headed back to NYNY, got ready for dinner and then met back up with Carole and Cheryl. We headed over to their hotel where they took us all out to dinner at a wonderful steak place! It was so wonderful of them, thank you both so much! The food and the company was wonderful!

When we were done with dinner Missy and Candice went up to Carole and Cheryl's room and took a nap while the rest of us got a table and played black jack. Aunt Carole was so wonderful and a very patient teacher for all of us! We played for a really long time and had a blast. Liz even walked away with some money! (Did Boo too....I can't remember!)

After our night at the tables we woke up the other girls and headed back over to NYNY. We were all pretty tired (well, not Charing, but the rest of us just couldn't keep up!) So we decided to stay at our hotel for the night. Liz was beat so she stayed in the room, but the rest of us went down to the dueling piano bar. It was REALLY fun and a perfect relaxing night. They had two grand pianos and everyone was crowed around while they played and sang. The crowd all sang, drank beer and danced and they played all these great songs everyone was wonderful!

We left the bar around two and headed up to bed. We were up at seven thirty I think to get checked out and head for home....we gambled at the airport, lost a little money, bought some breakfast and jumped on a plane home! And that is about it everyone...the last piece of the greatest bachelorette party EVER. I really cannot thank everyone enough for giving me such wonderful memories with you all. I will cherish then forever! the way, we clearly were not in the picture taking mood by day three and four because this is all we have folks...makes me feel bad for not getting this post up sooner! Also, I love the last pic of makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Friday, September 01, 2006

BUSY is Not a Good Enough Word!!

By Boo

You may think the ZPO's have given up their blog site. Maybe even closed their chapter and headed their separate ways! But you're wrong!! We are all just crazy busy right now! We have all kinds of fabulous stuff going on but no one has time to post about it. So this is a quick post about nothing (because I have time for that) just so aaaaall our fans (and by fans I mean us and our families) don't give up on us!

School started back so that is pretty much consuming every waking moment of my, Rhi, Candice and Charing's time. Candice and Charing don't teach, you say! True that, BUT little Candice is on the fast track for her masters degree (graduating again this May, Yea!!) and she's doing more reading than TV watching and if you know Candice that should mean something to you. Charing doesn't teach but she does have four children, three of which are in school (high school, middle school, and elementary school mind you) so she's been quite consumed with back-to-school from the parent perspective.

Liz is working on getting the house ready to sell, which is a full time job alone with the painting and repairs. Add to that Wes's day care catching on fire (that's right folks!) and then Wes AND Liz getting a stomach virus all in the same week and you can begin to understand her busy schedule!

Missy is working on closing out her second term for school. She's been researching topics, making power points, writing term papersssss, and trying to figure out how the hell to correctly cite her sources (I tried to help but even after like 8 years in college I don't have it completely figured out yet!). She has finals next week and then a break! The liiiiight at the end of the tunnel!

Now for our soon to be bride, Miss Sarah. I'll start by saying she's working 10-12 hour days with 12 day on and 2 days off so that alone is enough to push someone over the acceptable stress limit. Add on top of that Nick's truck breaks down so they are carpooling. And then Sarah's car's radiator decides it's time to retire so BAM, Sarah's car is down. Soooo they are both using Mom's BMW (nice but very, very small). Sarah takes Nick to work in the morning and then she goes to work, leaves work around 5:00 to get Nick and take him home and then Sarah goes back to work until around 8:00. Fun. Let's not forget that Sarah is planning her WEDDING! So yeah, she's got a lot going on.

So, in summary, we have not forgotten about our precious little site. We. are. just. really. busy. Painfully busy. Can't wait for life to return to normal kind of busy. Sorry!

But to leave on a bright note, here are some future posts you can look forward to (where in the future? hard to say but definitely in the future!!):

1. The third and final fabulous Vegas post

2. Sarah's Sensational Shower at Charings (soooo. much. fun.)

3. Scott's Big 4-0! That's right! Scott is turning 40 tomorrow! We're having a shin-dig and there will be pictures.

4. Sarah's Spindletop shower (hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it's going to be great!)

5. Boo & Charing's Birthday Bash (what are we doing? who knows! but it's going to be fun and we're going to post about it!!!)

So, hopefully these plans can keep you happy and we'll get some more posts up soon!!