Monday, January 30, 2006

Post Surgery and Other Updates

I am happy to tell everyone that Charing is doing very well post surgery. She is really sore, but getting better. We are a little curious as to why they seem to have decided to not stitch her up, and instead tape over her incisions, but we are just going to say that the doc's know what they are doing!

Her and Scott decided to keep the baby at home Friday night, but that made it hard for Charing to get much rest, so I took him for the night on Saturday. We had a blast! Well...I don't really know if he had a blast seeing as how he cannot speak, but I had a really great time. Boo, Candice and I took him to the mall, and we got his pictures made. That's right. They are the cutest things ever, and I tried to put them up here, but it wont let me. so sad. you all would really love them. Anyways, After the mall we hung out at Boo's with him, then I brought him home for the night.

Then next morning we had our 130 meeting at my house, and it was so great! Charing even made it post surgery...yes, she had to get her son, but we were so happy she came and we had a great morning!

A few updates from Candice for everyone to keep in mind. Greek Sing is February 25th. Do we want to make this our February meeting? We could get some food before or after. Should be Fun! The Kappa Delta Pancake breakfast is the 18th. I know some of us have SIS day that day, but hopefully we can still work out going. Tickets are $5 and all the money goes to prevent child abuse America. Her employee blood drive also starts today, so everyone stop by the blood center and donate for Candice...and to save lives and what not!

Friday, January 27, 2006

An Evening On the Couch

What a night! Wednesday night we had our January ZPO meeting at my house. It was the first time Wes got to come to a meeting, so needless to say we were all really excited! We decided to order Chinese and have a relaxing evening loving on the boys!

I am sad to say that Rhi was really sick all week, and so she had to miss the meeting. We missed her so much! The rest of the ZPO's were able to make it. We got dinner from Wind, which was wonderful.We also had wine, red velvet cake and coffee...who says we don't know how to have a good time!

We had such a fun evening hanging out laughing and catching up. Having the boys to play with made it even better. As you can tell from all of the pictures of them, we went a little crazy. It was just so great for the best friends to finally meet! The entire night was wonderful!

Wes, taken a little nap

Carter says, "Yo, Wes...wanna be pal's?"

Wes says, "I don't know, G....I'm a gangsta and I don't know if you can handle me"

Carter says, "No man, I'm cool. We will have a blast!"

So they decide to give the friendship a try

And it turns out they are indeed ment to be best friends for life...we are in a lot of trouble now!

Get Well Soon!

Our poor little Charing (with Wes at our last meeting) is having surgery today...actually right this very second...and we all hope it goes really easily and she is back to normal in no time at all! She is actually killing two birds with one stone, and having the gallbladder taken out and her tubes tied at the same time. What a cleaver girl with her time management skills! Anyways, we hope you feel better soon!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Pic's of Wesley!

As you all know, Liz and Cory had Alice and Carissa in this weekend from Wisconsin. They had a great visit. Here are some of the pic's of the gang!

Wes spending some quality time with his Grandma Brooks and Aunt Carissa

Daddy is teaching him to love of video games early!

Wes enjoying some belly time!

As a little get well add on, our poor Rhi just got back from the doctor and is sick sick sick. We are all so sad for you. Due to her nasty little bug, she is going to have to miss ZPO tomorrow night. We will miss you so much! Get to feeling better ASAP!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy UnBirthday Wes!!

Happy Un-birthday our sweet baby Wesley! This is actually a day late, but yesterday was Wes's original due date. It is hard to even imagine him just now getting here. It seems like he has already been with us so long! This picture is of Wes with his Uncle Mark!

This has been a really busy weekend with Alice in town to visit Liz, Cory and Wes, plus Matt has been in from South Carolina. It is always so wonderful when you get to spend time with your out of town family. On top of that, we moved Missy in with Boo and Chris this weekend. Now they are one big happy family!

Don't forget we have our January meeting this Wednesday at my house at seven. Both of the boys will get to be there and it will be so great! I cannot wait to hang out with everyone!

We had the 130 meeting on Saturday and we all lost again! Yea for us!! Next week we are meeting on Sunday at my house at 9:30. Hope everyone can make it!

Friday, January 20, 2006

How Sweet!

Here is a first picture of little Luke McSpadden! How sweet is he? He was born on January 13th at 6:30 in the morning. We are all so happy for Alyssa and Andy, plus now Will gets to be a big brother! Very exciting! This seems to also bring to an end the Baby Bash of 2005...I am sure someone will get rolling on the 2006 version really soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So I have been sick this week, and let me tell you....I hate being sick! Okay, so never in my life have I met a person who likes being sick, but still. I have basically worked and slept the past couple of days and now I declare myself well!!

We have decided to move the day of the next ZPO meeting, I am thinking it is going to be Wednesday the 25th. Matt is coming in from South Carolina the next weekend, plus Charing is having surgery and would have had to miss, so this works out better all around!

Yea to Rhi for getting the day off for the snow today...what does it take to get Fayette county out of school?? Poor Boo.

One more update and then I am back to work...The 130 meeting lost a combine 12 pounds last week! Yea for us! Just so everyone knows, that is also the exact weight of Carter. This Saturday we are meeting at Rhi and Candice's at 9:30. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Buckman's Bash

Last night was Buckman's big party, was not really so big....but it was really fun! Buckman had a fridge full of jello shots, so that always makes for a good party. Boo, Liz, Candice and I rolled into the party around ten and there was about eight other people there...yes, was really not that big. Whit and JC were there, along with Buckman and Kenny and we had lots of laughs and a really great evening. The ZPO's did get a nice complement when we were told we were just like a movie....always desirable! We had a really fun night, but missed our girls that were not able to join us!

Me and Whit....and Ryan looking scary in the background

Buckman and the Gang having a good time!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th

That's right...for anyone who did not notice (me, until about 15 minutes ago) it is Friday the 13th. Hope nobody had any bad luck! Okay, so this is a poor title for the post, but it was all I had.

Sorry the posts have been rare this week. Nick and I have been doing a huge remodeling project in our office, and it is taking most of my free time. I will put a picture up when we are done so you all can see it. I am sad to tell you I am (once again) a fool and forgot to take a before picture, but oh well.

Tomorrow night Buckman, a friend of the ZPO's, is having a rather large party. Many of us are planning on going, so it should be a really good time all around. I am sure there will be details from the night up Sunday! Tomorrow is also our second meeting of the 130 club. Keep your fingers crossed that we all drop tons of weight and have a good reason to celebrate with a nice big breakfast (because God knows we will eat it anyways)!

Congratulations to Alyssa, Boo's team teacher and good friend, who had a baby boy today! Thats right...she was in labor for three hours. thats all. We are all very excited that little Luke McSpadden finally joined our baby clan!

Look's like our next ZPO meeting is going to be Saturday the 28th. Charing will not be able to be with us because she will be recovering from her surgery(we will miss her so!), but the rest of us will be there with bells on. We are planning on doing it at someone's house so Wesley can come to his first meeting...maybe we can do my house and everyone can see my office! Anyways, I will stop rambling now and go watch my tape of the excited!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The 130 Club

Well, let me tell you all that Charing is a genius....that's right, genius. Some of the ZPO girls have been putting on a little weight. (...ummmm can you blame us..we are amazing cooks and we go out to all of the best restaurants in town!!) This annoying extra baggage has started to get bothersome and many of us were talking about starting up our old Weight watchers (from here on out only referred to as WW)routine. Charing pointed out that WW costs $10 each week, and that rather than just throw that money away, we could each meet up on Saturday's, pay $5 (a bargain!), weigh in and have a weekly meeting (and of course ton's of coffee and breakfast). Okay, so maybe the meetings are not so much about weight watching techniques as they are about gossip, but that does not really matter. What matters is that we are all in this together, and are behind each other, so it is bound to work! the weekly $5 is a savings for our big Vegas weekend coming up this summer, so really it is good all around! We have decided to call our meetings the 130 club...basically because that is all of our dream weight.

Do not fear if you do not want/need to drop pounds, oh no. You are still welcome to join us for breakfast and pitch in $5 for the Vegas pot! This Saturday the meeting is at Boo's at 9:30. Hope everyone can make it! And one last thing, we know we are all long winded and could easily spend the entire day together, so we have put a one hour time limit on can come to the meeting and still have a full day !

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!!!

What a New Year's Eve! I know you are all looking at the calendar and saying .... "Ummm... Sarah, it is January 8th" and to that I say "Lalalalala...I cannot hear you.... lalalala". I have been busy (and clearly I feel guilty from the picture!), so it is a little into the new year, but that does not take away from the greatness of the party one little bit. No, I would have to say this was one of the best New Year Party's Ever!!

Several weeks ago Boo and Chris decided to throw an all out New Years Bash. They went all out. there were invitations, three keg's, tons of decorations and great food. Basically the perfect mix for a perfect night!

The party got started a little early because several of our friends had already rented hotel rooms and were going down town, but still wanted to see everyone. Around seven thirty Whit, JC, Buckman, Kenny and Dan all arrived and looked wonderful! We were all so glad to see them and were sad they had to sneak out early.

The ZPO's were at the party in full force minus dear Charing. We missed her so and will be sure to set up some kind of childcare for next year so her and Scott can join in the fun!

By ten the party was really rolling. We had tons of people having a great time. Boo was talked into taking Jager-bombs....never a good idea, and ended up with her shoe (adorable as it was) stuck in the air vent. She also got a little camera happy, so there are a lot of pictures...I mean A LOT!!

Liz and Cory left Wesley with his Mimi and Grandpa (what is Tom going by?) and got to spend the evening out. It was so great to see them and they had a blast. Liz did her first little bit of drinking in nearly a year and she was so funny!

The greatest thing is when a party reaches it's peak right when it is supposed to. We had tons of people and everyone was having a blast right at Midnight. Missy nearly missed the ball drop due to being unaware of the clock and heading to the bathroom. She heard the countdown, and made a run for it just in time to kiss Patrick...her pants were not buttoned back up yet, but whatever!!

The party had so many of our great friends there and was such a huge success. We all really had a wonderful time and I will now remove New Year's Eve from, my least favorite holiday are now back in good graces!

Friday, January 06, 2006

So Happy to be Home!!

Well, I am finally back from what seemed like a lifetime in Morehead! I am so tired and cannot wait to sleep in my own bed (although I will miss all my food being paid for by the company!). Overall the trip was good. I am sad to report that I was caught speeding...but I did not know that he saw me, so he had to chase me (going very fast mind you) for half a mile before I saw him...yep. He called in back up because he thought I was actually running...yep. Lucky I didn't go to jail. I did get a ticket (72 in a 55) but I can go to traffic school, so that will be fine. It was so embarrassing, really. I mean, he just kept saying, "so, in all that time you never looked back you ever use your mirror's?". And I really didn't. I was just in my own little world running from the police.

I am so sorry about the New Year's post. I was in such a hurry to get out of town on Sunday that I accidentally took the camera's memory card with me. Of course there was no access for my I still have it. I will have it up this weekend! I am off to take a nap!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Zeta Phi Omega! It is really amazing to think that 2006 is here. The ZPO's really made good use of the last year seeing that we have had babies, a wedding an engagement and many many wonderful nights out with the girls!! I just don't know what I would ever do without you all and the joy you bring into my life!

Anyways, it was a great year and we sent it out with a bang. I am sad to say that my camera is having some problem's reading Rhi's memory card, so the pic's and entire party review will be coming in the next few days. Don't worry...the pic's are there, it is just that my old dinosaur of a digital camera cannot see them correctly. Here is one teaser pic from early in the party before we used the card. I Hope everyone has a wonderful day to start the best year ever!