Saturday, June 02, 2007

May's Meeting

I do realize it is now June, and I am sure all of our fans figured we had totally forsaken ZPO. This is not true...I have just totally forsaken the ZPO website! I do still have plans of handing over the reigns to Charing, but for now it is still my fault the posting has not been happening!

So, a couple of weekends ago we had our first ZPO night out in quite some time. We have actually changed up the ZPO planning a bit. We are now each taking turns planning a month. We set our date, someone takes charge, and whoever can come will come. This month was really a very small group due to the fact that we had it on Memorial Day weekend and lots of people had family and friends in town. Anyway, Boo (who was doing the planning), me, Charing and Candice all headed down for a wonderful night of dinner and drinks on the patio at Atomic Cafe.

We had such a wonderful time! Our food was wonderful, our drinks would have been awesome had they not tried to kill me by spiking my drink with NASTY NASTY BANANA Liquor. How could they?!?! Boo told us all about her IVF plans. She has a new personal blog about the entire process. Take a look at her new site
Optimistically Waiting and keep up with their process while giving her tons of love and support! (Boo-we all love you and are so excited for you and behind you all 100%!!)Anyway, the band was great, the conversation was great, the weather was perfect...all in all it was a perfect night out with the girls!

***In case you haven't noticed, the ZPO site has undergone a serious face lift. Liz used her mad skills to come up with a new picture for the site, so I worked with it to come up with our new look. Hope you all like it!***