Monday, September 04, 2006

The Last Days of Vegas...A Long Over Due Post!

Thanks right girls, here is the final Vegas post. I am thinking it will not be as detailed as the first two....seeing as how we have now been home over a month! Who cares, here we go...

Okay, so needless to say we were dragging a little on Sunday morning. I think we were all pretty sure we were going to die. Charing and I got up and went down to Starbucks to get some life saving coffee and bring it back for everyone. We all got ready and headed down to the lobby to meet my Aunts Carole and Cheryl. They live in California and drove in to spend a little time with us. How wonderful is that?!?! It is always so great to see them! They picked us up at NYNY and we headed over to Treasure Island. We had tickets to see the show Mystere and we figured we could grab some lunch, do some gambling and then head over to the show.

We ate lunch at some bar...started with a K....had famous margaritta's and a pretty cool water show. We all enjoyed it...this post may lack in some mind is a little foggy...After lunch we did a little gambling and Charing and Missy walked over to see the new hotel Wynn. They said it was really beautiful. We lost some money and then headed over for the show!

The show was really amazing. I will never understand how people are able to have so much control over they bodies and do those sorts of things...of course I am just about the clumsiest person in the world, so I don't think I am cut out for any form of circus...danger and death would soon follow!

After the show we headed back to NYNY, got ready for dinner and then met back up with Carole and Cheryl. We headed over to their hotel where they took us all out to dinner at a wonderful steak place! It was so wonderful of them, thank you both so much! The food and the company was wonderful!

When we were done with dinner Missy and Candice went up to Carole and Cheryl's room and took a nap while the rest of us got a table and played black jack. Aunt Carole was so wonderful and a very patient teacher for all of us! We played for a really long time and had a blast. Liz even walked away with some money! (Did Boo too....I can't remember!)

After our night at the tables we woke up the other girls and headed back over to NYNY. We were all pretty tired (well, not Charing, but the rest of us just couldn't keep up!) So we decided to stay at our hotel for the night. Liz was beat so she stayed in the room, but the rest of us went down to the dueling piano bar. It was REALLY fun and a perfect relaxing night. They had two grand pianos and everyone was crowed around while they played and sang. The crowd all sang, drank beer and danced and they played all these great songs everyone was wonderful!

We left the bar around two and headed up to bed. We were up at seven thirty I think to get checked out and head for home....we gambled at the airport, lost a little money, bought some breakfast and jumped on a plane home! And that is about it everyone...the last piece of the greatest bachelorette party EVER. I really cannot thank everyone enough for giving me such wonderful memories with you all. I will cherish then forever! the way, we clearly were not in the picture taking mood by day three and four because this is all we have folks...makes me feel bad for not getting this post up sooner! Also, I love the last pic of makes me laugh every time I look at it!