Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Friend Christmas Dinner

Last night was our annual Friend Christmas party and it was so wonderful!!! Now, I know many of you might be thinking that I have lost my mind because we had our Christmas party a few weeks ago, but this is Friend Christmas, not ZPO Christmas...the main difference being that we let other people come!

Well, this is the first year that we decided to not bring gifts for everyone, and instead to let our love (which is clearly free) be gifts enough! The party was a Boo and Chris's house and was so wonderful! We set up a huge table for all 15 of us in the dining room....okay, it was three tables of various heights pushed together, but it worked out perfectly! All the girls brought wonderful food and we had a full fledge Christmas dinner.

It is amazing how with all of our busy schedules so many of us were able to make it. Candice came, only six days post surgery (and brought muffins!!! Amazing!) Charing was there with Morgan, Zack and Carter. Damn, that boy is popular! I think any one of us would take him home in a heart beat! Whit came, which was so wonderful, plus Missy finally had a night off work to spend with us! Nearly everyone was there!

The night was nearly perfect. Almost all of our friends were able to make it, but we were sadly missing Liz and Cory, who spent the evening with Wes, JC and Evie who thought it better to keep the two week old at home, Big Scott, who had to work (poor Scott) and Alyssa, who was with her mom this week, and could not make it. Besides that everyone was there and it was so much fun. We had a wonderful meal, tons of laughs, lots of wine and made lots of great memories. It could not have been any better! Merry Christmas everyone!

Morgan and Zack haning out at Friend Christmas

Could he be any more adorable?!?!