Monday, July 31, 2006

Vegas Or Bust!!

Here it is folks...the first of two, maybe even three Vegas posts! I know you have all been waiting for it, so here we go! Girls, if I leave anything out I am really sorry....It is just that so much happened it is nearly impossible to remember all of it!

We started the trip really early. Our flight left at six, so we all had to meet up at the airport at 5am! Sweet Charing started the trip off in a slight panic by not waking up until 5am. Nobody could blame her though...she was up until two thirty! We had a complete plan to have her on the next flight if she didn't make it in time, but there were no worries, she made it with time to spare! Of course the Shepherd sisters all got stopped at the stupid will be a theme through all of the airports. Our bracelets are so great....but clearly made of metal.

We had a quick layover in Dallas so we had just enough time to grab breakfast for the plane, get caught in security again, nearly have my skirt blown off by some new high tech security machine, and jump on the plane to Vegas! We killed some food on the flight (mind you this is our second breakfast....of course we ate at home as well) then decided it was high time for some bloody Mary' was 9am, but we had been going strong for four hours and it was a Bachelorette Party! We were all a little surprised when Liz suggested we shoot the second half of our Vodka bottles straight (refer back to the time) but nobody put up a fight! It was the perfect start to the trip!

We arrived in Vegas at 9am Vegas time (gotta love the time change) grabbed our bags, grabbed our night club passes (greatest invention ever!) and headed out to catch a ride. We talked about looking for a shuttle to New York, New York, I know they had one...talked about grabbing a cab...clearly an option...but in the end decided to ride in style in a limo. Amazingly enough the night club passes came with a "Vegas nights" cd, so we put it in and had the greatest trip possible from the airport to the hotel!!

Once we got to the hotel, we checked our bags, but had to wait a bit for the rooms. We decided to grab some breakfast at an Italian place in NYNY. That's was breakfast number three. We had amazing omelets and even better Mimosas!

Next we did a little exploring of the hotel. We rode the roller coaster and I got to enjoy the complete shock on Candice's face as we pulled out onto the track and she turned to me and said. " umm....this doesn't like go upside down or anything, right?" ....right. Actually it goes upside down twice, has a huge hill...they aren't playing around when they call it a roller coaster! Next we did a little gambling and had some free drinks.

Once we got into the room we decided it was time to head down to the pool! We all got our suits on and Candice had her first experience being around a large group of naked girls....she handled it well! The pool was really nice. There was an edge about a foot into the water you could sit on so you could get sun, but still stay cool. We had some frozen drinks (Charings suggestion to make sure we stayed know...cuz they have ice in them and all...) and got some sun. It was wonderful!

After the pool we grabbed some lunch at Nathan's and then headed to the room for a nap...shame on us for sleeping in Vegas, but in our defense it was less than two hours! Charing, not believing in naps, went down to gamble while the rest of us tried to catch some sleep. We all got up, got ourselves ready and headed out to dinner!

Thanks to Boo, who is a genius, we had reservations at Emeril's New Orleans House in the MGM. Candice and Missy went light on food and ordered an appetizer so they could party all night, but the rest of us went all out and got the Chef's tasting. Liz was so wonderful and got my dinner. It was seriously one of the best meals of my life. Six courses of pure heaven!

While at Emeril's we had our Vegas celebrity run in...I mean, there are always famous people in Vegas, so we were bound to run into someone, right? Missy was the first to spot him, but as soon as she let us know there was an A-list celebrity in the room, we all found him quickly. Liz and Charing really though about taking to him about the boy's and everything, but we decided to play it cool and only snap about a thousand pictures of him as discreetly as possible, then one all out blatant pic....see of you can tell who he is!

After the wonderful meal , we headed to Taboo for our first drinks. We walked in and the bar tender gave us a table! An amazing thing in Vegas since you usually have to order drinks by the bottle (around $200) in order to have such an honor!

After Taboo we headed to Studio 54! This was when our night club passes really paid off! We got to skip the huge line and the huge cover! The bar was really amazing. There were dancers on boxes, but then there were dancers that also came down from the ceiling...looked frightening to me! We had a blast! We did some drinking and some serious dancing.

Eventually we decided to move on to NYNY and go to Coyote Ugly. It was totally different, but really fun. They had a call for people to get up on the bar and Liz and I got on up! Thats right. When we got down, Boo, Missy and Charing all had to have their turn on the bar! Candice was feeling a little to exposed in her skit for bar dancing, but that will change!

Once we were done with coyote ugly we headed back up to the room to drop Liz off, who was exhausted and let Candice change from her skirt and shoes. Then back out we went! Next we headed over to Mandalay Bay and went to 40 deuce. We had the time of our lives! The bar was small and packed with people...there was a had Missy was up there in a flash. The rest of the group quickly decided we needed to join her! By the time we got down there were applause and everything!

We were all winding down at this point (I think it was about three am....of course we are now on Vegas time) We jumped on the Monorail to get back to our hotel and that is where we met Simon and Chris. They found out we were a bachelorette party so they decided to dance for us! thats right folks. there was no music, just two drunk guys dancing on a monorail! They told us they were high rollers and what not and wanted to show us how it was done. Who are we to argue? We went to Excaliber, found a roulette table and started to play. I won a little, as did boo, but our poor high rollers picked missy to be thier lucky charms, and...well...she just wasn't lucky. I would say she lost them about $250 and they were done! So were we. By this point it was past four and we had been up for 27 hours(and Charing clearly needed to pump!!)! Now that is a first day in Las Vegas! I know the post is crazy long, but I make no prepared because the next one is even better and may or may not include a bar will have to wait and see!